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Halifax: Sports Photography, Canada Games Oval

I had a little time off this weekend, so I went down to the Halifax Commons to visit the Canada Games Oval during Marathon Skating International’s 25K and 40K events, totalling 62.5 and 100 laps of the 400m track respectively. I couldn’t complete one of these events right now, but some of the folks participating in these two races are in such fine shape they made it look easy. I watched much of the 25K event held on Saturday. Sunday morning’s 40K race was postponed for a little bit due to blizzard like conditions while the organizers cleaned off the ice. I stayed as long as my frozen toes would let me.

Want to see more? Check out the rest at my flickr account.

Halifax Market Experience

Scott Richey Photography, Halifax Nova Scotia

Scotty and I love local markets.

For us, one of the highlights of any visit to Toronto is a trip to the Kensington Market. Here in Halifax, we made a habit of frequenting the Brewery Market on Saturdays and we fell in love with its old-style brick, the twisted corridors, and the echo of music around every corner. Now that the new Seaport Market is open, we try to go there any Saturday morning that we have free.

While we each have favourite things about any market we’ve visited, I think we can both agree that there is a certain universal feel that just keeps bringing us back. Here are a few photos Scotty took this summer in Halifax’s Brewery Market that really embody that feeling for me.


Holiday Christmas Portraits

Bringing my camera to my friends’ Christmas party led to a few portraits by the tree.

As I’m exploring websiting, I’m going to try using one of the gallery features. Let me know what you think.

Happy Holidays!!


In The Studio With Scarlett Sparks

Scarlett Sparks Portrait Photography in the studio with Scott Richey Photography

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to get the attention of the sensational Scarlett Sparks. She took a break from her normal routine of breathing/eating/sleeping/wearing fire to pose for me in the studio.

Halifax portrait photography by Scott Richey photography of Scarlett Sparks

The Savvy Scarlett Sparks


HALIFAX EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Wishmaker Walk for Wishes

This weekend, I had the pleasure of supporting the Children’s Wish Foundation with my trade and photographed the 2010 Wishmaker Walk for Wishes in Halifax.

Scott Richey Photography Children's Walk For Wishes

The pipers led the children's walk along the Halifax waterfront.


Atlantic Wedding Showcase

Halifax wedding photo by Scott Richey Photography

Busy getting preparations done for the Atlantic Wedding Showcase at the Cunard Centre on Sunday. Admission is $10. I should have candy to give away and a few pretty pictures to look at too. Looking forward to a busy day.